Our work

We are proud to work with a diverse community of partners to create high-quality solutions that make the world a little better,
one line of code at a time.


ADVOCATR™ / Speak Out With Advocatr ™ is a tool that students can use to communicate positive and negative school activities that impact their safety and affect school climate. The app and website were developed based on feedback from students, school personnel, and parents in school communities.


SawPlan offers precise guidance and features to enhance your sawing, from initial measurement to final cut. Our tools are companions in every project, preventing waste and ensuring every cut matches your specifications.

Diabetes Distress

IEQ Technology teams up with researchers from UCSF and BDI to create an online diabetes distress assessment system. Also, IEQ handles all technical aspects of the project and collaborates with the said institutions on other matters.


LIFT focuses on the development and testing of an adaptation of the Joint Attention Symbolic Play Engagement and Regulation (JASPER) intervention that uses technology to help early interventionists and preschool special educators deliver the intervention to families of young children with ASD living in communities in Southern Oregon.

Project: Articulate CML

Leveraging our expertise in eLearning technologies and content management systems, IEQ Technology is tasked with the design, development, and audio production for the Articulate Custom Moodle Learning (CML) modules. These modules are instrumental in delivering comprehensive training content, provided by the etA, in an interactive and engaging format to apprentices and journeyman electricians.

Project: Test Generator

IEQ Developed the Test Generator for the electrical training ALLIANCE (etA). The etA is responsible for the training and evaluation of all union electricians in North America. IEQ designed, continually develops, and maintains the application and all associated data.

Cascadia Lumberworks

Local lumber for local projects. We mill the lion’s share of our lumber from high-quality, reclaimed timber, and we’re proud to be able to pass that savings on to you. Foot for foot, you won’t find a better value than Cascadia lumber.

Electrical Training Allicance

The electrical training ALLIANCE, endorsed by IBEW and NECA, has published educational materials for 70+ years. IEQ Tech supports their Blended Learning system by creating, modifying, and managing data, in addition to providing technical support.

Kamps & Blue Star Gas

IEQ Technology maintains KPBS’ propane delivery applications across different production and staging setups, including MSSQL DBs, IIS Web servers, Smart Drop Web app, eFuel Mobile app, rePortal reports and email apps. IEQ also continuously improves and develops web, DB, and mobile features.