Project: Test Generator

Client: electrical Training ALLIANCE (etA). Bowie, MD 

Project Overview

IEQ Developed the Test Generator for the electrical training ALLIANCE (etA). The etA is responsible for the training and evaluation of all union electricians in North America. IEQ designed, continually develops, and maintains the application and all associated data.  

Scope of Work

The Test Generator is an enterprise-level, FERPA compliant online knowledge testing tool used by all etA training locations to evaluate apprentice and journeyman electrician’s knowledge. 

The tool allows for online, proctored tests to be administered containing questions that are selected from a test bank of over 11,000 questions. Questions are categorized within courses and are presented to the testers based on a proprietary algorithm. All tests conform to the US Department of Education’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).   

The tool is integrated into the etA’s LMS and utilizes web sockets and ajax calls to allow for a test proctor to monitor tester activities, such as page focus, current question, questions answered, time remaining and many other features. The tool can handle several thousand concurrent users. 

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