Case Study

Strategic Partnership between IEQ Technology, Inc. and KPBS (Kamps Propane & Blue Star Gas)


This case study explores the strategic collaboration between IEQ Technology, Inc., and KPBS, focusing on the enhancement and maintenance of KPBS’s propane delivery system. 

The partnership aimed to stabilize and optimize system functionality and operational efficiency, prioritizing system stabilization, process improvement, backend upgrades, and maintenance. 

A notable achievement was the development of an iOS app and plans for future user interface enhancements.


KPBS faced significant challenges in its propane delivery system, necessitating advanced technological support. 

The primary objectives were to enhance system stability, resolve existing issues, ensure scalability and reliability, and lay a foundation for future tech advancements, all while boosting service efficiency.

Design Strategy

The design phase was meticulously crafted with a focus on:

System Stabilization: Implementing measures to achieve a stable and reliable system.

Scalability and Flexibility: Enhancing the system to handle future increases in data and user loads.

Functional Focus: Concentrating on elevating system functionality and optimizing performance for sustained reliability.

Development Approach

The development phase included:

iOS Application Development: Crafting a user-centric iOS application to facilitate mobile access and engagement.

Backend and Database Enhancement: Modernizing backend processes and the SQL Server database for superior data management, performance, and security.

Testing and Security Protocols: Conducting comprehensive testing for system robustness and integrating cutting-edge security measures.


IEQ Technology’s solution encompassed comprehensive backend system enhancements, introduction of new functional features, and the rollout of an iOS application, collectively elevating the efficiency and reliability of KPBS’s propane delivery services.


The partnership yielded significant advancements in service delivery, marked by enhanced operational efficiency and heightened customer satisfaction.

Key Metrics of Improvement

Reduction in System Downtime: A clear indicator of enhanced system stability and minimized operational disruptions.

Dramatic Decrease in Incident Response Times and Frequency of System Incidents: Reflecting more efficient system management and heightened reliability.

Substantial Uplift in End-User Satisfaction: Highlighting the improved quality of service and customer experience.

Effective Resolution of Backlog and Unresolved Issues: Streamlining operations by addressing and resolving system bugs and pending feature requests.


The IEQ Technology and KPBS partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic tech collaborations in traditional industries. This endeavor not only bolstered KPBS’s operational capabilities but also significantly enriched the customer experience, setting a new benchmark for similar initiatives in the sector.

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