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Connection to Health

IEQ Technology works with researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of Colorado to develop online interventions and to provide HIPAA-level web hosting and user support for those projects. IEQ is responsible for developing all the technical elements of the project as well collaborating with UCSF staff and researchers on other aspects of the projects.

Connection to Health (CTH) is an online program designed to help patients improve their health through carefully planned lifestyle changes, with active support from their primary care team.

CTH contains four parts:

  1. A comprehensive Patient Health Survey with a personalized Summary Report that helps patients and their primary care team to identify opportunities for healthier lifestyle choices and better health.
  2. An interactive process to help the patient select realistic goals and develop a step-by-step Action Plan for better health, actively supported by their primary care team.
  3. A set of Health Tips to assist with the development of the action plan, and a set of national and local resources to support successful completion of action plans that are created.
  4. A set of tools for patients to track progress and to help primary care teams follow up to support ongoing success and movement toward healthier lifestyle choices and better health.

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